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Follow me Friday is a live internet talk show broadcast every Friday on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube at 12PM ET, hosted by Joan Pelzer and Priya Nembhard!

Each week Joan and Priya talk about different entrepreneurial endeavors, and how they got to where they are today. As well as telling their own stories, they interview other entrepreneurs on air to constantly get a fresh perspective.

Joan and Priya not only explore the world of business, but they do so in a lively and fun manner. Each week, they invite different entrepreneurs from a multitude of topics on the show, including health and wellness, pop culture, consciousness, business, and more.

Joan and Priya connect with business owners in an educational and fun way. Joining them are their Promo Partners, Joel Matalon, Joe’s Fitness World / RUNHabX, and Jill Morgan-Meek. 

Listen to the show here!